Southside Pawn

Welcome to Southside JEWELRY & LOAN, An independently owned Pawn shop and Jewelry store, in the business of making loans on almost anything of value that is in good working condition. In an effort to maximize your loan amount all incoming merchandise is completely tested. We specialize in High Dollar Jewelry Loans and Buys! Our GIA graduate uses the skills needed to calculate the highest dollar amount for the customer.

GIA is the world leader in diamond and gemstone identification. Our staff graduate is the customer’s edge for proper evaluation and identification of your jewelry. Simply, better identification means More Money for our customer, no matter if the choice is a loan or the direct sale of your merchandise. This principal holds true on all other items of Value! Our testing and inspection process insures greater dollar amounts on any electronics or household items with its original parts and in good working condition.

We also Offer Wholesale, Closeout Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Jewelry Repair, in Webster, Kirkwood, Sunset Hills, Oakville, Fenton, South County, Crestwood, Shrewsberry, and Lemay.

What to Pawn at a Pawn Shop?



When you need quick cash without tedious and lengthy procedures, confidential loan is easy at a pawn, the best alternative is to approach a pawn shop near you. Before you go to the pawnshop, look within your home for items that you rarely use or do not use at all. And if you find items in good condition and working correctly but you no longer need them, you may take these items to the pawnbroker near you to pawn them for a quick cash loan. Alternatively, you can sell your second-hand items of value to the pawnshop for cash if you don’t want to redeem them back.

Now, you might be thinking as to what second-hand or used items of value qualify for pawn loan or sale at a pawn shop. At SouthSide Jewelry and Pawn we offer pawn loan against quality used items in top condition and operating correctly or purchase them outright. Here is the list of second-hand goods you can bring to SouthSide Jewelry and Pawn seven days a week in St. Louis Missouri 63123

Firearms and hunting

You can pawn or sell hand gun, long gun, working safe, bow, knife, etc.


You can pawn or sell electronic items such as television, mini -refrigerator, music system, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, etc.

Tools and more

You can pawn or sell gas, electric and battery power tools, motorcycles, riding lawnmowers, 50 cc bikes etc.

Home & Garden

You can sell or pawn anything from heaters and air conditioners to gardening tools and equipment such as shovels, spades, forks, pruning saws, dibbers, trowels etc.

Jewelry & Fashion

You can sell or pawn gold jewelry such as ring, earrings, chain, necklace, and gold in any form, be it broken gold jewelry, damaged gold jewelry etc.

Music Instrument and Accessories

You can sell or pawn all types of musical instruments such as guitar, violin, keyboard etc., and accessories like speakers etc.

Toys, Games & Sporting Goods

You can sell or pawn all types of gaming consoles and accessories, and sporting goods such as bicycle and boards etc.

The Bottom Line

Well, many second-hand items qualify for taking out a pawn loan or outright sale at a pawn shop. Whether you want to pawn or sell your second-hand item of value to the pawnbroker, make sure you bring used items in top condition and working as intended.

Visit Southside Jewelry & Pawn at 8101 Gravois Road, St. Louis Mo. 63123


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If you have ever pawned an item for cash

You should know that a Pawnbroker adds value if you need a short term loan with no credit checks (because your personal property secures the loan).

If you are in need of a pawn shop, you want to find one that treats you well and gives you the best deal. Whether you want to pawn something or buy an item, here are some tips for finding a good pawn shop.

LOOKING to Sell or Pawn an item now?

www.Pawnstlouis.comor 314.353.1900

vUnderstand How a Good Pawn Shop Works

Pawn shops have maintained their popularity through the years. Every generation faces economic challenges, and a good pawn shop is a place where you can get money quickly. It’s also a place to purchase a second-hand item at a reasonable price.

In St.Louis there is Southside Jewelry and Loan, you can do one of three things. You can buy items. You can sell an item outright. Or, you can pawn( borrow cash) on the item .

You then repay the loan along with interest and fees within that period. If you don’t pay on time, the pawn shop owns your item and resells it.

If you take an item to a pawn shop, you choose whether to sell or pawn it. You shouldn’t pawn unless you know you want the item back because typical you can leave with slightly more cash for a outright sale of the item.

And, you should have an idea of what your item is worth before you begin. That way, you know whether the price they offer you is fair.

v Read Customer Reviews Before You Visit

Before walking into a pawn shop, do some research online about local pawn shops. Or ask around and see what your friends recommend.

A good pawn shop will have an abundance of satisfied customers. Many of those customers write online reviews. See what these customers are saying. Also, look up how long they have been in business. See if it’s switched ownership and when.

v Research Market Prices Before You Visit

A pawn shop should be upfront with their loan terms and prices. Customers should feel as though the pawn shop is reliable and up to date on the market for the items you are selling or buying.

You can do some market research of your own to get the current market value for the item ahead of time. Southside Jewelry and Loan utilizes years of experience, the internet, product web sites and large volume of sales to understand the current value of items


Most good pawn shops loan cash on many different items

v A Good Pawn Shop Has a Good Reputation

A well-established pawnbroker has been in business for a long time. Southside Jewelry and Loan in St.Louis Missouri has been around for over 20 years with a second generation daughter leading the store.

It’s advisable to find an established pawnbroker who has been in the business a long time. With experience comes expertise and financial savvy.

A solid reputation indicates an equally solid customer base. They have most likely earned a trusted spot in the community and take care to offer quality service.

A fairer price is part of that service. They may even support community groups and charities as a way of maintaining that relationship.

vUnderstand the Meaning of Fairness

A good pawn shop is fair as long as you are fair with them. If you bring them an item, expect that the ask to test it to be sure it works.

If you bring jewelry, they will test it to confirm it is real, real gold and real diamonds.

Also, understand that a good pawn shop will never offer you full market value for any item. They are resellers, so it does them no good to do so.

Pawn shops offer instant cash when you are in a bind. If you are pawning, then you also get your item back at the end of the loan period. Sometimes these two factors are the most important.

v Pawn Shop Customer Service

A reputable pawn shop focuses on getting new customers and retaining their business. From the moment you walk in the door, staff should be friendly and respectful.

It should be well lit and very clean. They should also be upfront about their policies and loan terms. A good pawn shop does not need to be deceitful.

Staff should be happy to answer all questions to be sure you understand the contract.

The same applies if you are buying from a pawn shop. The terms of sale should be clear. A reputable pawn shop doesn’t overcharge.

They should charge based on the item’s current condition (not what the item would be worth if it were new). 

Only Do Business if You Are Comfortable

Even if you do all the legwork and the pawn shop checks out, do not do business if you are not comfortable. If you walk in and are treated disrespectfully, or even if you simply feel a negative vibe, walk right back out.

Doing business with a Southside Jewelry and Loan in St.Louis should be a positive experience. If we can answer any questions for you. Southside Jewelry and Loan is one is the largest Pawn shop in St.Louis so they can offer you a fair price on most items of



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Welcome to Southside JEWELRY & LOAN

Southside Pawn

Welcome to Southside JEWELRY & LOAN. We are a large female run and independently owned Pawn shop and Jewelry store. Business consists of making loans and buying almost anything of value that is in good working condition. In an effort to maximize the value of your item, we look up what the used item is selling for in today’s market.  The COVID crisis has hurt many large and small independent businesses and we are affected as well.

We desperately need your merchandise to sell as the COVID 19 “stay at home order” has thinned out the inventory for sale.


We are buying and loaning every day!

We need and want your electronics, laptops, game systems, musical instruments, hand guns, TV’s, power tools, motorcycles, bikes, lawn equipment and small appliances. Yes, we will consider anything of value.

We welcome High Dollar Jewelry Loans! Our GIA graduate uses the skills needed to calculate the highest dollar amount for the customer.  We also offer expert jewelry repair.


We are the leaders of reselling good merchandise, hand guns, Closeout Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, also have expert Jewelry Repair, serving St. Louis , Affton, Webster, Kirkwood, Sunset Hills, Oakville, Fenton, South County, Crestwood, Shrewsbury, and Lemay.


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Why Sharpshooters Shooting Range Is the Best Shooting Range in St. Louis


If you’re on the lookout for a top-tier shooting range in St Louis, MO, then come to Sharpshooters Shooting Range. In fact, out of the thousands of shooting ranges that are strewn about the continental US of A, Sharpshooters stands poised to redefine the indoor shooting practice experience.

Sharpshooters Shooting Range in St Louis is as an example of what a shooting range should be.

Let me tell you why.

Sharpshooters Shooting Range in St Louis is an NSSF certified 5-star Range: That means that you can expect unimpeachable excellence in all aspects of management and operations. Everything in Sharpshooters Shooting Range, from customer service to private instruction, is representative of a 5-star experience.

Here at Sharpshooters in St Louis, we are a professionally run, safety-first, customer-oriented facility. We have set the bar high, and every other Range is playing catch-up.

Sharpshooters Shooting Range is a world-class facility: When you step into Sharpshooters Shooting Range, you step into the newest and largest indoor shooting range in St Louis. There are 20, 4 ft wide by 25 yds long, lanes. Each one is equipped with state-of-the-art ballistic protection and digital retrieval systems. Five of the lanes are equipped with a tactical, fully computerized target system. Additionally, the installed bullet trap is made out of high-grade steel, which means that Sharpshooters permits the vast majority of large caliber weapons.

But that is not all. On the premises you will also find a 3,500-foot gun store, boasting a rather large selection of handguns, rifles, pistols, and shotguns. The showroom is staffed by a group of knowledgeable and friendly experts who are ready to answer any question you may have. As a bonus, any weapons purchased in the shop come with a free day at the Range. Oh, and did I mention the regular firearm sales?

Sharpshooters Shooting Range offers first-class instruction: In today’s ultra-liberal leaning political landscape, gun-ownership has gotten a bad rep. Every time there is a notorious incident involving firearms, the talking heads on TV begin spouting off about the need for stricter gun control. However, few people realize that the problem does not lie in gun ownership, but in inadequate gun training.

That is why, here at Sharpshooters in St Louis, we take gun training extremely seriously. We offer first-class private instruction on gun safety, gun cleaning & maintenance, basic & advanced skills, rifle & carbine instruction. Additionally, Sharpshooter Shooting Range is qualified to offer a conceal and carry course for the state of Missouri, NRA basic pistol course, security officer training and qualifications, as well as specialized training for law enforcement agents.

Further Amenities:

      Sharpshooters Shooting Range is home to one of St Louis best BBQ restaurants. Everything from nachos to smoked wings to full-blown BBQ plates is cooked daily and to perfection.

      Sharpshooters Shooting Range offers a full gun-rental service so that no one is left out.

      There is even a jewelry store for the ladies!

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Looking for Electronics and Video Games? Southside Jewelry and Loan Has You Covered


If you are on the hunt for affordable video game consoles and games, Southside Jewelry and Loan in St Louis is the place for you.

Pawn Shops are always a good place to find video game consoles and games, as well as general electronics, at very low prices. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when buying these second-hand devices.

Here are a few recommendations:

Pawn Shop inventories are highly variable, and you won’t always find exactly what you are looking for. However, if you keep an open mind, you can leave a pawnshop with a top-quality haul and some hidden gems.

Be vigilant and keep an eye open for dirty air vents. When the vents become clogged with dirt or lint, the console suffers the risk of overheating and, consequently, of malfunctions. So, when you buy a video game console from a pawn shop or any electronic device for that matter, make sure to check the air vents.

It is also very important that you check the specific model. You can typically find this information near the serial number and manufacturing date on the underside of the console. This is important because older models lack the most recent hardware and software updates, which are necessary for the most optimum performance.

Also, check for dents or scratches along the body of the console as these may signify that the device previously suffered a fall.

If your console of choice uses wired controllers, inspect the cables to see if they have been repaired or contain bare wires or twists. Check the firmness of the joysticks, since loose joysticks can result in drifting during gameplay.

You should always ask if the console includes all pertinent video and audio connection cables.

Finally, ask the pawnshop employees to connect the console and try it out before purchasing it. Here at Southside Jewelry and Loan in St Louis, we will have no problem doing that for you.

Here are a few extra recommendations when purchasing games:

Check the box and make sure that the corresponding disk is inside the box since it is common for the wrong game disc to be placed in the wrong box.

Make sure there aren’t any visible scratches or cracks on the disk since these, almost always, result in disc malfunctions.

Ask pawnshop employees to let you try the disc before buying. This is important because even if the disc is free of visible damage, sometimes the code on the disk may contain errors.

Ultimate Savings

By buying your video game consoles and games from a reputable pawn shop like Southside Jewelry and Loan in St Louis, you can save up to 70% on older consoles and games. So if you are on the hunt for used video game consoles and games, swing by our store and see what we have in stock for you.

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Southside Jewelry and Loan - St Louis Top-paying Pawn Shop


For years Pawn shops have been a very helpful institution to people who need an easy and quick way to get some money to pay debts, go on vacations, renovate their homes, etc. In fact, for a vast number of people, pawn shops are the only real alternative to receive money in any immediate capacity.

Due to the many ups and downs of the economy, there is never a shortage of people turning to pawn shops for hassle-free cash. As a consequence, there is never a lack of options. In some cities, it seems there is a new pawnshop opening up every week.

Unfortunately, many people remain fearful of the Pawn Shop and view them as shady enterprises. However, the pawnshop is, for the grand majority of people, a better option than taking out a loan.

This is why, here at Southside Jewelry and Loan, one of the leading pawn shops in St. Louis, we are going to list the top 5 reasons why pawning your jewelry, electronics, tools, video games, the way to go if you need fast cash.

It's Fast

Pawning your stuff in a pawn shop means you get paid immediately. Taking out a loan, on the other hand, takes a considerable amount of time and involves a multitude of fiscal prerequisites as well as a ton of paperwork. Here at Southside Jewelry and Loan, an appraiser will evaluate the items you wish to pawn and, after a very short procedure, you can collect your money.

Few Requirements

When you go to a pawn shop, you will usually be asked for very few requirements to carry out the operation. For example, at most, you will typically be asked for an official ID to verify that you are who you say you are. If you go to apply for a loan, there will be many complications and many requirements that may take some time because they are not always at hand.

You Can Pawn Anything

Another reason to go to a pawn shop is the plethora of assets that are readily available to pawn. Although the very first pawn shops only accepted jewelry items, recently, they have been opening up the possibilities for users to pawn. Here at Southside Jewelry and Loan, we pride ourselves in our household inventory, which includes everything from game systems, televisions, stereos, car components, computers, household appliances, and much more!

Your Goods Will Be Safe

If you choose to pawn your stuff with a reputable and trustworthy shop, there is absolutely no reason to think your goods will be anything but safe. Word of shady business practices spreads like wildfire, so if what worries you is the security of your assets, turn to the leaders of the industry.

Here at Southside Jewelry and Loan in St Louis, your stuff will be protected from the moment you receive cash in hand until the time you repay the collateral amount.

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First Time Buyers Guide to Diamonds from Southside Jewelry and Loan


Today, leading Pawn Shop in Jewelry Sales in St Louis, presents a comprehensive first-timers diamond buying guide. In this guide, we will attempt to explain the key points to consider when investing in your first diamond.

Let Us Begin!

Diamonds are categorized and evaluated according to the following criteria: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. In other words, the most defining characteristics of a diamond are its shape, color, purity, and weight.

Diamond Shape

The cut, or size, of the diamond, refers to the shape that it acquires after it has been cut and polished. Remember that diamonds are rough stones made out of pure crystallized carbon and extracted from mines around the world, the biggest of which are located in Russia.

Diamonds begin to acquire value the moment they are “cut” to enhance their natural luminosity. Each cut provides the diamond with a unique set of symmetrical angles and facets that provide it with brilliance and

The most common diamond cuts are:


      Square Cushion






And each cut can be grade Ideal, Very Good, Good, or Poor depending on the quality of the cuts.

Diamond Color

After the cut, color is perhaps the most defining feature to consider when purchasing a diamond. A diamond will be increasingly more valuable the less color, or tint, that can be perceived within it.

For example, yellow tones in the stone render it dramatically less valuable than a bright, crystalline piece.

The scale used to classify color gradation in diamonds is:

      D, E, and F grades are used for totally colorless stones.

      G, H, I, and J grades are used for nearly colorless stones.

      K, L, and M grades are given to stones in which a faint color can be perceived.

      N through R grades refer to stones with a very light color.

      S through Z grades are given to stones that possess a light color.

The best value is found in Diamonds that are G through J grade. It is also important to note that all diamonds on the D-Z scale are considered white. Truly colored diamonds, such as those that possess a pink or blue hue, are graded on a different scale.

Diamond Purity

Diamond purity refers to imperfections and inclusions that line the outside or inside of a diamond. Defects along the surface of most diamonds are undetectable to the naked eye and typically require high magnification to observe.

The fewer imperfections that mar the purity of a diamond, the higher the grading it acquires on the clarity scale.

The clarity scale defines the relative difficulty of detecting flaws in purity.

The scale is divided into the following grades:

      FL is given to flawless diamonds.

      IF is given to diamonds that are flawless internally.

      VVS1 and VVS2 are given to diamonds that are very, very slightly included.

      VS1 and VS2 are reserved for diamonds that are only very slightly included.

      SI1 and SI2 are given to diamonds that are slightly included.

      I1, I2, and I3 are given to diamonds whose transparency and brilliance are reduced by inclusions evident to the naked eye.

Diamond Carat

Although many people think of the carat unit as a unit of size, it is actually a unit of mass. Therefore, the higher the carat of a diamond, the heavier the stone will be. Consequently, the price of a diamond often hinges on its carat count, pending the other factors on this guide are identical.

For all your Diamond questions, visit the leaders in Jewelry Sales in St Louis, Southside Jewelry at

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Finding the Best Estate Jewelry in St. Louis


Many people search for estate jewelry because these are usually pieces that have been handed down for generations. And if you’re someone who loves unique, old jewelry, whether it be antique or vintage, knowing where to look for them is just as important as knowing what to look for. It is important that you go to a seller who has a good reputation when it comes to jewelry sales. This blog will go over some tips on what to look for to ensure that you are getting what you paid for.

Find a Trusted Seller

Jewelry can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to one-of-a-kind pieces, so it’s important that you buy from a trusted source. You should always research and investigate the seller. Look at past reviews and see what other buyers have to say. Is the seller known for selling quality antique and estate jewelry? Don’t be afraid to ask questions either. Find out how the seller came to acquire the piece. Did they find it at an estate sale? Did they inherit the piece? The seller should have no problem providing you with this information to build trust. You should also look for red flags. If the seller has 5 of the same kind of antique lockets, you may want to question its authenticity.

Look for Hallmarks

Most jewelry that was made before the 1950’s features a maker’s mark located somewhere on the piece. The artist or company who made the piece usually left an initial or a small icon that represents their work and or purity of the metal used. There are several websites that features old jewelers’ marks to help you figure out when and where the piece was made. The expert jewelers at Southside Jewelry and Loan are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to detecting real antique and vintage jewelry. If you have reservations or questions, they can help you get the answers you are looking for.

Look at the Facets

Today’s gems are cut and polished differently from the way it was done with antique jewelry. Old cutting styles, including Old Brilliant Cut, European Cut, and Rose Cut gems have different faceting patterns and proportions than what you’ll see in modern cut gems. However, if you are not familiar with what to look for, it can be difficult to tell the difference. That is why it is always a good idea to take your piece to an expert if you have any doubts.

Southside Jewelry and Loan is known as one of the top pawn shops in the St. Louis area because of their expertise in jewelry evaluation and amazing selection of estate jewelry. You’ll also find great prices on tools, electronics, and video games. Come see us for wholesale and closeout jewelry prices you just won’t find anywhere else! We also do jewelry repairs and jewelry loans!

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Finding Good Jewelry Repair Services In St. Louis


For many people, their jewelry has a sentimental value that far exceeds its monetary value. Whether it be a special gift or a family heirloom, only you know how important it is! So, when it breaks or is damaged, it is important that you find a jeweler who can restore the piece back to its original state. With so many jewelry shops and pawn shops in the St. Louis area, how do you know which one provides the best jewelry repair service? There are several factors to consider when making your choice and this article will help you along!

On-Site Repair Service

Not all pawn shops and jewelry shops offer on-site repair services for your jewelry. This can be a problem for several reasons.  If your jewelry has to be sent out to get fixed, it will take longer to get back. You also cannot keep track of its progress and ensure that your piece is being cared for properly.

Southside Jewelry and Loan understands the importance of speed, convenience, and communication, especially when it comes to your valued jewelry. Our on-site jewelers are always on hand to make sure that all your requests and concerns are properly handled. Whether it’s resizing a ring, replacing a gemstone, or watch repair, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Experience is Vital

When it comes to jewelry repair, experience is a very important factor to take into consideration. Jewelry can be intricate, fragile, and handled with care. Experts who have been in the business a long time, have experience with a wide variety of styles. This includes vintage, antique, and modern designs. This know-how can come in handy if you have a unique piece that needs special attention.

Southside Jewelry and Loan has been serving the community of St Louis, Missouri for over 20 years and has built quite a reputation for the quality of their craftsmanship. Our highly trained jewelers have over 30 years of combined experience in providing the best service possible. They can help you fix your bracelet, necklace, ring, or any other piece that needs fixing or maintenance.

More Than Just Repairs

As one of the top pawn shops in St. Louis, you can count on Southside Jewelry for more than just quality jewelry repair services. We are known for our crazy low wholesale prices when it comes to jewelry sales. We also offer an amazing selection that includes Closeout Jewelry and Estate Jewelry that you just won’t find at any other jewelry store. If you’re looking for extra cash, we promise you the maximum amount possible for your jewelry loans and any other item of worth. This includes video games, electronics, and tools. If you have an important piece of jewelry that needs to repaired or cleaned, leave it to the best and know it’ll get done right!


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Southside Pawn: We Buy and Sell Almost Any Item of Value


Southside Pawn We Buy and Sell Almost Any Item of Value

Southside Pawn has reinvented the pawnshop experience by offering Cash for every item of value in a clean friendly enjoyable store! Variety, selection, value, and dependability are the essential reasons why Southside Pawn is such a consumer-friendly and enjoyable shopping experience. Variety and selection are related to our store mission of taking almost anything of value. Value and dependability are related to our research commitment, for current product costs, as well as the good working condition of all merchandise.

A major effort is given to our household inventory including game systems, televisions, stereos, car audio, computers and more! This will continue to give our customers the largest selection at the most affordable and fair prices. Jewelry customers enjoy all of the same benefits when shopping for their next purchase, which also includes on-site sizing,


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Get Cash For Your Items at Southside Pawn


Southside Pawn offers cash for any item of value!

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Pawn Shop Item Of the Week

IMG 7175

Burromax Electric Mini Bike TT350r 250 lb weight limit.

Brand New!


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Pearl Export Drum Set

Pearl Export Drum Set

Pearl Export 8pc Drum Set

Double Bass Pedal

Cowbell & Extras


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Casio wk-500 Electric Keyboard

Casio wk-500 Electric Keyboard

Casio wk-500 Electric Keyboard wit Stand


Won't Last Long!

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Monster Rockin' Roller 3

Monster Rockin' Roller 3

Monster Rockin' Roller 3 Portable Indoor Outdoor Wireless Speaker


Won't Last Long!

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Electric Fireplace

IMG 6156

Electric Fireplace with Glass Front, heater and remote on sale $125

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Samsung Top Loader Washing Machine

IMG 6097

Samsung Top Loader Washing Machine $395

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DJI Phantom 3 4K Drone

IMG 6078

DJI Phantom 3 4K Drone with Controller

4K Video, 12 mp, mak transmission distance .75 miles, 3-axis stabilization gimbal


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Vintage Pepsi Cooler

IMG 6053

Vintage Pepsi Cooler and Tray $175

Yeti Cooler $175

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Stihl TS420 Concrete Saw


 Stihl TS420 Concrete Saw. Great shape - $695

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