ST. LOUIS, MO 63123

8101 GRAVOIS ST. LOUIS, MO 63123

Southside Pawn will expand their gun store beginning May 1st to include a huge new selection of firearms, ammunition and accessories.

May 1st is the grand unveiling of Southside Pawn’s new, expanded gun store.  The new store has a 450 gun inventory, with accessories, holsters, apparrel, ammunition, clips, and scopes filling out the rest of the area.

Southside also provides gun transfers for 35 dollars, and are working on a membership plan for their upcoming gun range, for both yearly and day passes.  Come check out their competitive pricing and knowledgeable staff of trained gun experts.

Their knowledgeable firearms experts will help match their customers to the perfect firearm for their needs.  Southside Pawn, with a staff with military and law enforcement experience, current members of the state conceal and carry program, as well as charter members of the NRA, give us a real connection with firearm owners.

Our respect for gun ownership, understanding the expense of each weapon and the needed care to properly maintain those firearms, help us to satisfy the questions and needs of our customers.
Each gun is stored unloaded in a safe dry enviorment, preferably in a protective case.Value research is thoroughly conducted on each firearm, so our customers money need can be quickly satisfied.

Visit Southside Pawn at 8101 Gravois Road, St. Louis, MO, 63123, call at 314-353-1900 and visit http://pawnstlouis.com for more information.