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Looking for Electronics and Video Games? Southside Jewelry and Loan Has You Covered

If you are on the hunt for affordable video game consoles and games, Southside Jewelry and Loan in St Louis is the place for you.

Pawn Shops are always a good place to find video game consoles and games, as well as general electronics, at very low prices. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when buying these second-hand devices.

Here are a few recommendations:

Pawn Shop inventories are highly variable, and you won’t always find exactly what you are looking for. However, if you keep an open mind, you can leave a pawnshop with a top-quality haul and some hidden gems.

Be vigilant and keep an eye open for dirty air vents. When the vents become clogged with dirt or lint, the console suffers the risk of overheating and, consequently, of malfunctions. So, when you buy a video game console from a pawn shop or any electronic device for that matter, make sure to check the air vents.

It is also very important that you check the specific model. You can typically find this information near the serial number and manufacturing date on the underside of the console. This is important because older models lack the most recent hardware and software updates, which are necessary for the most optimum performance.

Also, check for dents or scratches along the body of the console as these may signify that the device previously suffered a fall.

If your console of choice uses wired controllers, inspect the cables to see if they have been repaired or contain bare wires or twists. Check the firmness of the joysticks, since loose joysticks can result in drifting during gameplay.

You should always ask if the console includes all pertinent video and audio connection cables.

Finally, ask the pawnshop employees to connect the console and try it out before purchasing it. Here at Southside Jewelry and Loan in St Louis, we will have no problem doing that for you.

Here are a few extra recommendations when purchasing games:

Looking for Electronics and Video Games? Southside Jewelry and Loan Has You Covered
Looking for Electronics and Video Games? Southside Jewelry and Loan Has You Covered

Check the box and make sure that the corresponding disk is inside the box since it is common for the wrong game disc to be placed in the wrong box.

Make sure there aren’t any visible scratches or cracks on the disk since these, almost always, result in disc malfunctions.

Ask pawnshop employees to let you try the disc before buying. This is important because even if the disc is free of visible damage, sometimes the code on the disk may contain errors.

Did you know that Southside Jewelry and Loan offers an extensive selection of electronics and video games? Whether you’re in the market for the latest gaming console or looking to upgrade your smartphone, Southside Jewelry and Loan has got you covered. With a wide range of products at competitive prices, you can find everything you need under one roof. From cutting-edge gadgets to classic gaming favorites, there’s something for everyone at Southside Jewelry and Loan. Stay ahead of the curve and elevate your entertainment experience with their top-notch offerings.

Key Takeaways

Discover Southside’s Electronics

Diverse Selection

At Southside Jewelry & Loan, explore a diverse selection of electronic items ranging from televisions to mini-refrigerators. Find music systems that cater to various preferences.

Top-Quality Computers

Discover top-quality desktop computers, laptops, and tablets at Southside Jewelry & Loan. Whether you need a powerful workstation or a portable device, they have you covered.

Unique Gadgets and Devices

Uncover unique electronic gadgets and devices at Southside Jewelry & Loan to meet all your tech needs. From the latest smart home devices to innovative wearable technology, find it all here.

Video Game Selections Unveiled

Gaming Consoles

thside Jewelry & Loan offers a diverse range of gaming consoles to cater to every gamer’s preferences. From the latest models to classic favorites, you can find PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles in pristine condition. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, there is something for everyone at Southside.

Accessories Galore

Enhance your gaming experience with an array of accessories available at Southside. Controllers, headsets, and charging docks are just a few examples of what you can expect to find. These accessories are designed to elevate your gameplay and ensure you have everything you need for an immersive gaming session.

Latest Titles and Consoles

Stay up-to-date with the latest video game titles and consoles at Southside Jewelry & Loan. Whether you’re into action-packed adventures, strategic role-playing games, or multiplayer competitions, there is a game waiting for you. Explore the shelves filled with new releases and popular titles that guarantee hours of entertainment.

Pawning Electronics Simplified

Easy Process

Pawning electronics at Southside Jewelry & Loan is a breeze. Simply bring in your items, such as laptops or smartphones.

The staff will assess the value based on the condition and market demand. Negotiate the terms, including the loan amount and repayment schedule.

Benefits of Pawning

Looking for Electronics and Video Games? Southside Jewelry and Loan Has You Covered
Looking for Electronics and Video Games? Southside Jewelry and Loan Has You Covered

Pawning electronics provides quick cash without selling your valuable items. It’s a convenient way to access funds on behalf of your possessions.

You can retrieve your electronics once you repay the loan. This process offers flexibility and instant financial relief.

Steps to Pawn

To pawn electronics, gather your items and visit Southside Jewelry & Loan. Present your electronics for evaluation and discuss pawn loan options.

Receive cash based on the item’s worth and agree on the terms. Once you repay the loan amount plus interest, reclaim your electronics hassle-free.

Benefits of Buying Pre-owned

Cost Savings

When purchasing pre-owned electronics and video games, save money while still acquiring items in good working condition. These products are typically priced lower than brand new ones, allowing you to enjoy your favorite gadgets without breaking the bank.

Quality Assurance

Opting for pre-owned items does not mean compromising on quality. In fact, many pre-owned electronics and video games are in excellent condition, providing you with a reliable performance at a fraction of the cost. You can trust that these products have been inspected to ensure they meet high standards.

Product Protection Plans

One of the advantages of buying pre-owned electronics is the availability of product protection plans. These plans offer you peace of mind by covering potential repairs or replacements for a specified period after purchase. This extra layer of security ensures that your investment is safeguarded against unforeseen issues.

Extended Usage Years

Despite being pre-owned, many electronics and video games have plenty of years left in them for you to enjoy. By choosing pre-owned items from reputable sellers like Southside Jewelry and Loan, you can access a wide range of products that still have a long lifespan ahead. This allows you to make the most out of your purchase for an extended period.

Easy Loan Process Explained

Loan Options

thside Jewelry & Loan offers various loan options for electronic devices and video games. Customers can easily secure loans by using their items as collateral.

The process is simple and transparent, allowing individuals to borrow money quickly without the hassle of credit checks. This flexibility appeals to those looking for immediate financial solutions.

Securing a Loan

To secure a loan at Southside Jewelry & Loan, customers need to bring in their electronics or video games for evaluation. The value of the items determines the loan amount they can receive.

Once the appraisal is complete, customers can receive cash on the spot based on the assessed value of their products. This straightforward approach ensures a quick and convenient borrowing experience.

Benefits of Pawn Loans

Secure Transactions Guaranteed

Reliable Services

thside Jewelry & Loan offers secure transactions and reliable services for all your electronics and video game needs. With a focus on customer satisfaction, their services ensure a seamless experience.

Rest assured that every transaction is handled with care and professionalism. The staff at Southside Jewelry & Loan are trained to provide top-notch service, making sure that every customer feels valued.

Safety Measures

When it comes to securing your valuable items, Southside Jewelry & Loan goes above and beyond. Guaranteed safety measures are in place to protect your electronics, video games, and other assets during transactions.

Your privacy is of utmost importance, and the team at Southside Jewelry & Loan ensures that all transactions are conducted in a secure environment. Feel confident knowing that your information is safe and protected.

Trustworthy Handling

With Southside Jewelry & Loan, you can trust in the secure handling of your items. Whether you are buying, selling, or pawning electronics or video games, they prioritize the safety of your belongings.

Their commitment to providing a safe and reliable service extends to every aspect of the transaction process. From real-time updates to anonymous data handling, your experience at Southside Jewelry & Loan is both convenient and secure.

Affordable Gaming Solutions

Diverse Range

At Southside Jewelry & Loan, gaming enthusiasts can explore a diverse range of affordable gaming solutions. From consoles to accessories and toys, there is something for every gamer’s preference.

Budget-Friendly Options

thside Jewelry & Loan offers budget-friendly options for electronics and video game lovers. Gamers can find cost-effective ways to enjoy their favorite pastime without breaking the bank.

Product Variety

With a wide selection of products available, customers can discover an array of cost-effective options for their gaming needs. Whether it’s consoles, accessories, or toys, Southside Jewelry & Loan has something for everyone.

Competitive Pricing

One of the key advantages of shopping at Southside Jewelry & Loan is the competitive pricing offered on electronics and video games. Customers can enjoy quality products at affordable prices.

Convenient Access

Customers have convenient access to a variety of gaming solutions at Southside Jewelry & Loan. The store’s online partners ensure that gamers can easily browse through different products and make purchases with ease.

Analytics and Campaigns

Through its advertising platform, Southside Jewelry & Loan leverages analytics and campaigns to reach its target audience effectively. This ensures that customers receive relevant information about new products and promotions.

Quick Cash for Your Electronics

Looking for Electronics and Video Games? Southside Jewelry and Loan Has You Covered
Looking for Electronics and Video Games? Southside Jewelry and Loan Has You Covered

Selling Process

Sell your electronics, tools, and gaming items at Southside Jewelry & Loan for quick cash. The process is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply bring your items to the store for evaluation.

Benefit from immediate cash offers for your valuable electronic gadgets and devices. The experts at Southside Jewelry & Loan will assess the condition and value of your equipment accurately.

Instant Cash Offers

Receive instant cash in exchange for your electronics without any delays. Unlike online platforms where you may have to wait for a buyer, here you can walk in with your device and leave with cash in hand.

Turn your unused electronics into quick money by taking advantage of the efficient selling process offered by Southside Jewelry & Loan. Whether you have smartphones, laptops, or gaming consoles to sell, this is the place to go.

Benefits of Selling

Explore Our Diverse Inventory

Wide Range

At Southside Jewelry & Loan, explore a diverse inventory that caters to various interests and needs. From jewelry to music instruments and home appliances, there’s something for everyone.

Uncover hidden gems as you browse through the extensive selection of products. Whether you’re looking for a special piece of jewelry or unique home appliances, you’ll find it here.

Exclusive Items

Discover exclusive items that are not commonly found in other stores. Southside Jewelry & Loan prides itself on offering unique pieces that cater to different tastes and preferences.

From vintage jewelry pieces to rare music instruments, each item in the inventory is carefully selected to provide customers with one-of-a-kind options.

Hidden Gems

Unearth hidden gems that hold sentimental value or serve as valuable additions to your collection. The diverse inventory at Southside Jewelry & Loan is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Whether you’re a collector seeking rare finds or a consumer looking for everyday items, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the array of treasures available.


You’ve now seen the array of electronics and video games waiting for you at Southside Jewelry and Loan. With a simple pawn or purchase, you can access top-notch products at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your gaming setup or need quick cash, Southside has your back. Explore the diverse inventory today and discover the perfect fit for your needs.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to score great deals on electronics and video games. Head over to Southside Jewelry and Loan to experience seamless transactions, secure processes, and a wide selection that caters to your preferences. Your next favorite gadget or game might just be a visit away!

Frequently Asked Questions

### Are the electronics at Southside Jewelry and Loan in good condition?

Yes, all electronics at Southside Jewelry and Loan undergo thorough inspection and testing to ensure they are in excellent working condition before being made available for sale or pawn.

Can I trade in my old video games for store credit?

Absolutely! Southside Jewelry and Loan accepts trade-ins of old video games. You can bring in your used games, and depending on their condition, you may receive store credit towards a new purchase.

How does the loan process work for pawning electronics?

Pawning electronics at Southside Jewelry and Loan is simple. Bring in your item, our experts will assess its value, and based on that, we offer you a loan amount. Once agreed upon, you get cash immediately.

What are the benefits of buying pre-owned electronics from Southside pawn shop?

Buying pre-owned electronics from Southside offers significant cost savings without compromising quality. You can enjoy top-notch devices at affordable prices while also contributing to sustainable consumption practices by giving items a second life.

Is it safe to conduct transactions at Southside Jewelry and Loan?

Yes, conducting transactions at Southside Jewelry and Loan is completely secure. We prioritize customer safety by employing strict security measures to safeguard all financial transactions and ensure a trustworthy experience for all our clients.

Ultimate Savings

By buying your video game consoles and games from a reputable pawn shop like Southside Jewelry and Loan in St Louis, you can save up to 70% on older consoles and games. So if you are on the hunt for used video game consoles and games, swing by our store and see what we have in stock for you.