ST. LOUIS, MO 63123

8101 GRAVOIS ST. LOUIS, MO 63123

Southside Jewelry and Loan is a great place to indulge in diamond and jewelry purchases at a huge discount.  Southside Jewelry has access to high quality diamonds and gold jewelry at prices far below ordinary retail prices.

Our best customer is informed and has taken the time to research the value of their purchase, as it relates to the current retail price for a similar jewelry item.

Establish your personal criteria as it pertains to size, quality, condition, and cost.  The criteria will allow our jewelry customer to be more effective with their search, and quickly realize the value of a remarkable piece.

Service after the sale can make a great purchase, an overall sensational experience.  Fine jewelry and diamonds require alterations in size, fit, and feel.  This service should only be attempted in house by a gifted bench jewelry professional with the benefits of a fully equipped work shop, just like the one at Southside Jewelry and Loan.

To see the Southside experience for yourself, come visit us at 8101 Gravois Ave. in St. Louis, MO.  To learn more, visit www.pawnstlouis.com or call 314-353-1900 for more information.  We hope to see you soon!